Rosendale Waxworks, 415 Main Street, Rosendale, NY 12472
Hand-crafted soaps and candles made in Rosendale NY
SCENTS Plain Mango and coconut Tuscan herb Lavender
Our Zodiac Meditation Candles feature original Rosendale Waxworks zodiac artwork revealed as the wax slowly melts away. Designed for a one hour burn time these candles promote concentration for a restful meditative experience. Find your birth sign or collect all 12 for a beautiful collection of zodiac art. The perfect gift for a friend or loved one.
Designed to love every curve of your body, our button soaps are created for a luxuriously decadent experience. Easy to grip, our soap buttons follow the curve of your body without slipping out of your hands and getting lost at the bottom of the tub.
Yes, that’s a candle, in a real oriental “china” bowl, plus matching spoon, complete with the “rice-grain” windows that let the candle light pass through. An outer shell of three thin layers of a hard candle wax is tinted to various degrees to give the rice effect. The core is made of a softer white wax. As the candle burns, the core feeds the wick and lights the shell from the inside. Glorious.
Rice bowl candle Rice Bowl candle Zodiac signs, black and white Soap Buttons
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Zodiac signs, in color Meditation candle, burning
3 ½ inches
Wonderful accompaniments to a romantic dinner for two. We also offer sets of 8, for dinner parties, each guest having his or her own candle. Candles can be bought with the bowl, or by themselves as bowl refills,
Have you forgotten how to day dream? Perhaps you need some help. Here it is. An entirely new kind of candle that burns not downwards, but outwards. Every 7 or 8 minutes, a new pattern emerges, a new focus for your gaze. Care to dream?
We're shut in. Time feels different. We may be alone, or spending our time with a few others. Here's a new way to spend that time: gazing into a candle flame. It can be mesmerizing. Let your mind wander--that's OK.  Share the experience: be silent, together, each absorbed in his or her thoughts. Thoughts, perhaps, to share afterwards. 3 inches across. More information.
Dream Timer Dream Timer
Art Discovery Lamps
Set of six artists’ self portraits
Above: what goes into the making of one of our lamps. Next: the custom wick. Below, the art lies concealed beneath the wax.
How quickly would you recognize famous artists' self portraits, revealed tantalizingly slowly by the burning of a wick at the center of a shallow candle? How quickly would you recognize Van Gogh's self portrait, for example? We now offer both a single portrait “lamp” and a set of six.
Relax with this set of calming puzzles.
Do you every so often feel the need to zone out but find it hard to unwind? We've a suggestion: try gazing into a candle flame. And not just any candle but candles we're calling "Art Discovery Lamps." We call them "lamps" because, as they burn, they illuminate the gradual recovery of some familiar and precious art. Whose portrait will it be? We don't tell you, it'll be up to you to tell that as the candle burns. Won’t be Van Gogh, he’s our demo artist. Reveal starts in 5 minutes and continues to full reveal in about 50 minutes.
Art Discovery Lamps
Art Discovery Lamps
aquarius PISCES ARIES TAURUS CANCER LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN GEMINI Meditation candles, showing reveal over time Soap Buttons closeup