Rosendale Waxworks, 415 Main Street, Rosendale, NY 12472
Hand-crafted soaps and candles made in Rosendale NY
Rosendale is a left-over from the first industrial revolution. First, a very early canal came through. Then cement was found, right where the town is now. For a while, Rosendale produced half the US’s cement. Then, a little over a century ago, the town went to sleep. Main Street hasn’t changed much since then. WHAT YOU’LL FIND IN ROSENDALE: An old-fashioned Main Street. Shopping like it was before malls. A wonderful variety of restaurants. A community-run movie theatre in a century-old building. Beautiful walks in and around town. Beautiful country all around. It’s how America used to feel, how it still feels best today. Rosendale is one of the Hudson Valley’s gems. Nearby are towns High Falls and Stone Ridge. North is Kingston, the original State capital, to the South is New Paltz. The area is a hotbed of hospitality. Come, visit us, then stroll around the town.
Rosendale Main Street Walking path around Rosendale Rosendale Street Festival
Walks around town
Map of walks around Rosendale
Above, the view from Shaun’s Foundry window, looking across Main Street. Below, Rosendale is known for its festivals.
Below and left, Rosendale is a wonderful walking town, combining town and country views.
“MULES--Canal 1820s. MUSCLES--Cement 1880s. MAKERS--2000s.” The history of this remarkable town, in a few words.
In 2019 a small group of us on Main Street got together to plan a “Maker-ramma.” The pandemic cut our plans short, but the idea remains, to celebrate the town’s history as a community of movers and shakers, or “makers.” Today that means all the artists and craftpeople who live and around town. Nearby is the Womens Studio Workshop, which has for over 30 years been providing hopitatility and opportunities for art practice to visitors nationally and internationally. You can celebrate Rosendale’s rich history by lighting this celebration candle in your own home.
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