Rosendale Waxworks, 415 Main Street, Rosendale, NY 12472
Hand-crafted soaps and candles made in Rosendale NY
MAKERS Aloha Bay candles
Aloha Bay We like Aloha Bay’s bright, cheery colors as well as their ethically-sourced materials. Their candle-making facility at Lower Lake CA focuses on employing as many human hands as possible, rather than relying on automation. Aloha Bay’s sister site in Java uses only solar power and simple candle- making tools, providing year-round work in a rural area. All Aloha Bay suppliers are RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified.
Heart and Arrow candles Rad Soaps SalyeAnder soaps Vance Kitira Candles
Heart and Arrow Handcrafted Heart & Arrow Handcrafted produces unique, luxury soaps and spa products with the highest quality ingredients that leave your skin feeling divinely nourished and your senses alive. Locally & lovingly crafted in the heart of New York's Shawangunk Mountains, each batch reflects a commitment to originality, passion & sophistication.
Rad Soap Co. It all began in a small kitchen fueled by a mother’s love where founder, Sue Kerber searched for something natural to relieve her son’s eczema. In early 2009, she turned her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for blending natural ingredients into what is today known as the Rad Soap Co. From that point forward, Sue and her family developed a unique proprietary process for creating their hand crafted batches of soap.
SallyeAnder In 1982, Gary Austin hand-made an olive oil Castile soap for his two-year-old son, Aaron, who was allergic to grocery-aisle-soap. After realizing that there was a community of people with sensitive skin who would benefit from Gary’s soap, SallyeAnder and the commitment to creating the best soap in America was born. Since then, every product decision has been made with one intention: delivering the highest quality, all-natural skincare solutions to our customers.
Vance Kitira We fell in love with the beauty and grace of Vance Kitira’s candle designs and are proud to offer them in our store. Founder Vance Kitira is a native of Thailand, and a lover of nature whose 20+years of business experience in the US inspired him to establish a candle factory in his homeland. The business has grown into a world-wide enterprise, providing employment security to its many crafters. Among other charitable projects, Vance Kitira donates a portion of its sales toward reforestation in Thailand. Vance Kitira candles are made of food-grade paraffin wax that is translucent, odorless, and lab-tested as smokeless when burned.
To accompany the candles we make ourselves, we stock the work of other soap and candle makers in our region.
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