Rosendale Main Street
Rosendale Waxworks, 415 Main Street, Rosendale, NY 12472
Hand-crafted soaps and candles made in Rosendale NY
“To the right is the view I see from my foundry window, at Rosendale Waxworks.” Shaun Johnstson
Rosendale souvenier candle Rosendale's Frozendale festival
“MULES--Canal 1820s. MUSCLES--Cement 18180s. MAKERS--2000s.” The history of this remarkable town, in a few words.
Rosendale is famous for its street festivals. Abov e, Frozendale, 2019.
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Like this: Candles have been used for thousands of years to tell time. But that was for marking how the hours passed by how fast a candle burned down. I’ve created a candle that measures time by how fast it burns outwards, from the center, like this: The difference is, it marks time in minutes, not hours. OK, new and different. But then one has to come up with new uses for such a candle.
15’ 3O’ 45’ 60’
Here’s one. Calm your mind by gazing at a candle flame for an hour. It could help you day dream. I’ll call it the Dream Timer.
Has the shut-down helped you relax, and be in the moment? If you’re still in need of help, try our meditation candles.
Or, imagine as your zodiac sign slowly emerges from concealment. Check that out here. What other kind of picture do we delight in? Paintings. How about watching as a well-known portrait or a famous painter is tantalizingly-slowly revealed, while you try to recognize, who the artist is? See our Art Discovery series below. Who counts time in units of less than an hour? A therapist. A therapist and her patient could mark the progress of a session by huddling together over such a candle, holding left hands (left-brain communication) while monitoring the slow reveal of a picture. And what picture? Expect more to follow. Perhaps a simple scale of minutes, marked from the center out.
Dream Timer Dream Timer SHAUN’S FOUNDRY
While my wife Wilda takes delight in how her candles smell, I’m more focused on what mine can do. My interest is more technical than esthetic. I’m interested in working with wax in new ways to arrive at new kinds of candles.
What could I enjoy more than sitting in the store window, waving at passers by, as I make candles!
VIDEOS What is candle wax? What is it good for? Turns out, it has as much energy, pound for pound, as gasoline. Candles as art. Candles used to be just fuel for making light. They only became an art form when we became nostaligic about those candle-lit memories. Candle ingredients. What goes into making candles? Not just different kinds of wax, but wicks and tabs.
Self portrait plus artist’s quote about art
Famous Painters Self Portraits
3 ½ inches
Within a few minutes of lighting, a clear melt pool forms around the wick. Over the course of around 50 minutes (your therapeutic hour) the reveal continues. At some point you’ll cry out, “I know who that is!” Right?Constable won’t be among the artists featured, he’s here just to show you how each artist is represented- -by a famous self-portrait and a quote from the artist about the making of art. Artists featured come from Renaissance times to the recent past. Wbhich one? You find out only when you burn the candle. Art discovery indeed.